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Lauren Graham's LIMS

Lauren Graham Last Icon Maker Standing

Lauren Graham's Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to the first Lauren Graham's Last Icon Maker Standing Contest Community lg_lims !
Every week there will be a new challenge, and the last icon maker left will be our winner!

The original LIMS competition was invented by disney_hush, and that
is where all the other communities came from. It seems to judge the iconists better
and really reflect what they can achieve in different challenges- this is why it became so popular!

1. To take part in Lauren Graham's Last Icon Maker Standing Contest
you MUST be a community member. So please go and join. Make sure to
add it to your Friends' List, so that you won't miss any important notice.
If you only wish to watch the community, you can always friend it.

2. You need to sign up! Comment to this post with your username.
Only those who have commented to that post will be able to participate.

3. When it comes to voting, you will be choosing icons of lesser quality.
Every week 2 or 3 participants with most votes will be eliminated, and those
left will go to the next round. Every week you will also choose your favorite
icon, and it will be awarded People's Choice.

4. New challenges will be posted on Mondays. You will have
time to submit your icon until Friday. The voting will be up
Friday Night, and will last until Sunday evening.
Results will be posted on Monday morning along with the new challenge.

5. All your icons must fit LJ standarts, meaning 100x100 pixels max.
and not more than 40kB. When given a cap you can't use
any other picture in your icon, only the one provided.
Textures, stocks and brushes are allowed though.

6.Do not post your icon anywhere else until voting in complete!
You also cannot submit an icon you once already posted!
If you do so, your icon will no longer
be anonymous and you will be disqualified.

7. You must participate in every round until you are voted off.
If you know in advance you won't be able to make it,
please leave a comment and we will see what can be done.
If you fail to submit your icon by deadline you will be disqualified.

8. From Round 3 on you may gain an additional skip chance, a convenient way
to stay in the challenge when you can't participate because of
various reasons. Go to Skip Chance Post for details.

9. Put a phrase "donuts are fun" somewhere in your sign-up comment,
so that I know you've read the rules.

ga_cast_lims alexis_lims mkalims sp_lims p3_lims wanna?